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September 29, 2009

My wife and my ex-wife are friends…..

by Rod Smith

“My wife and my ex-wife are like best friends. This is good for our children I suppose and I am very pleased about it. The problem is they make fun of me in a gentle way but it really gets to me. What can I do?”

Get over it, enjoy it....

Get over it, enjoy it....

Get over it and enjoy it – you are in a remarkable situation, whether the friendship they share is deep, shallow, to be long lasting or to be short-lived. You are correct. It is good for your children. Getting over it will involve joining in, poking your own gentle fun at yourself, at each of the two women – and helping all to enjoy the pleasure of good friendships.

Try to avoid suggesting that these bonds (of good friendship) need to become binding as in “we’ll be best friends forever, no matter what”. Your association with each woman probably holds some unfinished business at least for one women so do not be surprised if the goodwill you currently experience is not challenged when persons or families face challenge and change.