His behavior degrades me…

by Rod Smith

“My partner would constantly question me about my feelings for my coworkers. He would accuse me of smiling, of trying to get attention of another man. He would check my emails and text messages. When he called me at work and I could not answer he got angry and would tell me that I’m talking to someone else and purposely not answering his phone calls. Once he sent me email in someone’s name saying he had feelings for me. I still love him very much but I cannot take it any more because it degrades me. He will never change and will never trust me no mater how much I tell him that I love him.” (Edited)

Love makes you free...

Love makes you free...

Love makes people free, it empowers, encourages, and is not jealous, petty, or cruel. The man does not love you no matter what he says. Be aware – once you try to free yourself of his virus, it will come after you. He will try every manipulative ploy to keep you. Then, as quickly, once he sees you have escaped his toxic web, he will completely reject you. These are ALL or NOTHING people, and the journey is long and hard unless the virus is continually fed, appeased, and in control. Move on as quickly as possible. You deserve better.

2 Comments to “His behavior degrades me…”

  1. It is his behavior that has the potential to degrade you in the eyes of others – it is your willingness to remain subject to his misbehavior that does degrade you in the eyes of others.

    It is his responsibility to make himself happy that you are to be trusted – it is only your responsibility to be trustworthy.

    You have the right to a trusting man because you act trustworthy. You have the responsibility to go find one because you are alive.

    Relevant quote: “we are attracted to the partner with whom we can learn the most … and sometimes the lesson is to let go of a relationship that no longer serves us”.

  2. Hi ,I’m tho one that wrote “His behavior degrades me”. Well it just happened. He decided to end our relationship , because I would not admit that I look at other man to get attention. He told me that I made him insecure and jealous and that i keep denying . I can swear and I feel deep in my soul that I’m not the women he say I’m.He wont talk to me and he even blocked me on face book. I think it is very childish behavior. I know that I was so faithful to him and I know that it is over.I’m so hurt and lost. And worst think is that I’m 47 and feel like I have no hope. This is the man who would swear he Loved me. I guess he really loved him self only.

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