My brother married a sometimes-spiteful woman…

by Rod Smith

My brother is going to live in the UK. I have not seen much of him since his wedding day when he married a rather spoiled, sometimes spiteful woman. I would like to say a few things to him about his wife and explain why I have not been in contact. I know I will miss him. It already feels like he has been gone for a long time. Please help.

Write to me...

Write to me...

Your brother now has a primary covenant relationship that trumps ALL of his other relationships. Do not, under any circumstances, take your brother aside for any explanation regarding your lack of contact. Your attendance at the wedding affirmed the union. If you did not agree with his choice of bride you should have made this clear before the wedding and then not have attended the wedding.

Eat humble pie and embrace your brother and his wife as soon as possible. His wife may well be “a rather spoiled, sometimes spiteful woman” but she is your sister-in-law and he is your brother. It is time for you to create the kinds of memories that will enrich your family rather than give you fuel for future regret.

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