Day planner

by Rod Smith

I'm waiting to hear from you.

I'm waiting to hear from you.

In the rush of the morning I will be an agent of good news. No matter what’s reported on television, what frightful events are in the newspaper, or how trying my circumstances might be, I will find joy this morning, and, on finding it, I will spread it, speak it, and live it with abandon.

At mid-morning, around teatime, I will be a conveyor of compliments. I will find something to praise in several people, especially forlorn souls who appear to least expect it. If perchance, in the course of my search, I encounter an angry man or woman I will counter the anger with honest affirmations, quiet words of encouragement while doing all I can to ignore the symptoms of anger.

Come afternoon and I will make at least a half-a-dozen “well-done” phone calls even if I get a brain-burn* coming up with names and acts worthy of some recognition.

Then this evening I will applaud the universe for its kindness. I will offer a standing ovation to God for the abundance of Grace that allows me to thrive. I will embrace my neighbors for helping me be part of a vibrant community. I will celebrate my children for all we continue to learn and to share. And, oh, once everyone is asleep, I will do the laundry.

* My sons gather great words!

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