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April 4, 2009

Is there room for righteous anger….?

by Rod Smith

dsc_0642The “anger” column (below) generated much response. Several persons said there is room for righteous anger. Some reminded me that Jesus got angry. Of course there is room for righteous anger. The issue is can you remain righteous while expressing righteous anger? I find it difficult to remain righteous (calm, honest, clear-headed, strong) and express righteous anger.

Here are some circumstances – there are, of course, others – where righteous anger is to be expected:

1. The helpless (children, the poor, the ill) are victimized.
2. Power (financial, political) is abused.
3. Religion (faith, The Bible) is misused.
4. Lies and gossip are perpetuated.
5. Intimidation, manipulation, and domination are considered normal.
6. Waste of money and other resources is ignored.
7. Women are treated or believed to be “lesser” beings or weaker than are men.

I find I am more helpful when confronted with the above circumstances if:

1. I wait to assess what is occurring (rather than jump in and “righteously” attack).
2. I go to the “source” rather than the symptom.
3. I consult with others to discern if the issue is a product of my unresolved conflicts or if it is indeed something others also see.