She wants to go to university at age 55…

by Rod Smith

“My wife (55) wants to go back to university now that our children are all grown up. I have not been too kind about this as I think it is a waste of our time. We have been very successful even without degrees. I am worried about her safety going back and forth every day to the campus. This has become quite an issue for us as we have always been united on everything.” (Edited)

dsc_0642It doesn’t take too much “reading between the lines” to see you are probably somewhat threatened by your wife’s natural desire for knowledge, freedom, and adventure. The “we” sounds very strong. Viewing your wife’s attendance at university as “a waste of our time” is a rather strong clue to the lockstep nature of the relationship. I’d suggest you get out of your wife’s way as soon as possible and become her greatest fan as she strives after her goals.

You are correct. You, and many others are “very successful even without degrees.” Just imagine what you might have done with one!

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