Will the separation bring us together….?

by Rod Smith

“My husband told me two months ago that he was not in love with me anymore. I was shocked and didn’t see this coming at all. Well right now we’ve separated he is with his sister. We’ve never talked about divorce at all but he said is that it is over. He thinks the love for me will come back in time. Now I don’t know what to do. We have a 3-year-old child and I can see she knows something is wrong cause we are not living together. I love my husband. Will the separation bring us back together?”

Once the shock of his declaration and his move has eased and you are able to think clearly, the best course of action for you and for your daughter would be to shift your focus from his actions to yours. Together or apart, shifting into high-gear productivity on your part will be good for you and for your daughter. While you respond as a victim, you are giving him all the power and placing your destiny in his hands. Mourn for a few weeks or even for a month or two, then get to work at creating a great life with or without him.

2 Comments to “Will the separation bring us together….?”

  1. I’m in a similar situation, my husband says I’m never happy. Happy how can I be, he cheated on me twice, he tells his family horrible lies about me, we own a business and feels a compelling needs to tell people customers what a terrible person I am. than comes home a want to make love, like it’s a high for him belittling me a alienating me from everyone else.

    he’s been gone for a little over two months, I love him, I miss him, but unless it mutual life goes on, I am worth being loved and cherished NOW , not when he decided that whatever he’s looking for in life he already had and married.

    See ya later buddy……Ah freedom from the stress that how you move on, oh yeah and a good night out with good friends always help

  2. Your husband somes like a narcissic. Read up on it before you are in the same spot 40 years from now like guess who?

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