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August 3, 2008

Brother-in-law is unkind to my sister…..

by Rod Smith

“My brother-in-law orders my sister around as if she’s his servant. He talks down to her. He demands his own way and he tells her she’s useless. My sister never complains but I can see it hurts her. Once or twice she’s started to open up to me about the way things are in her marriage but she usually clams up as if she’s being disloyal or something. Should I say anything to him? He is very nice in public but I have seen how he is in private.”

I’d suggest you continue to give your sister opportunities to talk with you. If you approach your brother-in-law directly, about his relationship with your sister, it is unlikely you will receive a listening ear. Difficult men do not like to be exposed. Your approach could serve as a catalyst for your sister to go even more deeply into her shell.

Be your sister’s friend. Be a listening ear. Ask your sister if her marriage is what she’d hoped it would be. Ask her what she intends to do to get the kind of marriage she wanted. Your love and support will be helpful. Addressing him will be taking on something that is hers and hers alone to address.