A reader writes that her menopausal rage became a catalyst for understanding and growth…

by Rod Smith

“I have been very interested in the discussion around menopausal rage. Last week’s response from the doctor, wife, and mother, I believe, lacked understanding. It was like telling a depressed person to snap out of it.

“I have been through menopause and was also surprised by the rage that overwhelmed me. I have not ever been an angry person so this was very difficult for me to understand and manage. This was rage. If PMS is a ‘woman walking with a loaded weapon’ I ‘was walking with a loaded army!’ Therapy helped me identify the cause of all this rage. Once I started looking at when the rage occurred and the triggers for my outbursts I was able to be more objective and managed to be controlled. I’d pound the streets of the neighbourhood, muttering like a mad woman to use up the energy, calm down and reflect on the incident causing the outburst. I grew in self -awareness.

“With hindsight, I’m very glad I listened to my rage and used it to grow and reclaim my life. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience of menopause. A useful book is by Dr Christina Northrup, ‘Woman’s Bodies; Women’s Wisdom.’”

3 Comments to “A reader writes that her menopausal rage became a catalyst for understanding and growth…”

  1. Menopause refers to the extinction of periods in human womens, which regularly takes place between the age of 45 and 50 years. It is an ordinary aging process that usually occurs after 1 year of amenorrhoea.for more details go atozmenopause.

  2. The “extinction of periods in human womens”? Really? Me speaks good English too. So good to have such knowledgeable and literate people comment on something they know nothing about. Write about it if you are a woman and have been through it. Otherwise keep your poorly written definitons to yourself. “it is an ordinary process…”

    • You might see I have edited your comment, Babette. I do not allow cussing on my website no matter how it is disguised, Thanks for your comment.
      Rod Smith

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