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August 16, 2008

A reader writes that her menopausal rage became a catalyst for understanding and growth…

by Rod Smith

“I have been very interested in the discussion around menopausal rage. Last week’s response from the doctor, wife, and mother, I believe, lacked understanding. It was like telling a depressed person to snap out of it.

“I have been through menopause and was also surprised by the rage that overwhelmed me. I have not ever been an angry person so this was very difficult for me to understand and manage. This was rage. If PMS is a ‘woman walking with a loaded weapon’ I ‘was walking with a loaded army!’ Therapy helped me identify the cause of all this rage. Once I started looking at when the rage occurred and the triggers for my outbursts I was able to be more objective and managed to be controlled. I’d pound the streets of the neighbourhood, muttering like a mad woman to use up the energy, calm down and reflect on the incident causing the outburst. I grew in self -awareness.

“With hindsight, I’m very glad I listened to my rage and used it to grow and reclaim my life. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience of menopause. A useful book is by Dr Christina Northrup, ‘Woman’s Bodies; Women’s Wisdom.’”