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January 4, 2008

It was a turning point for me! Thank you……

by Rod Smith



I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me during my crossroads time spent with you last week. It was such a memorable marker for my life…. a sure turning point for me! I knew that I needed a turning point and you helped facilitate that for me. It was exactly what I needed!

I am very aware that I needed to grieve the loss that I have had and that was a necessary season for me. You helped me to make sense of what could be and accept what could not be reasoned out.

Thank you for helping me see how to put closure to that part of my life. I appreciate so many words of wisdom that I was able to take with me.

But it didn’t end there, your blessing to my life will ripple further: you encouraged me to seriously think about, embrace, and step into the dreams and goals that have been laying dormant within me…to embrace my life…abundant life.

I have already started working towards some of the “heart-storm” ideas (I love that word, by the way). It is life giving and exciting to step into those areas of me. I had hope for my future, but now I also have excitement about my future. Thank you for helping me to see this.

I truly see that you have a gift and talent for facilitating healing wings and encouraging embracing abundant life. I truly wanted to do that!

During my time there, your way of working through life issues was very transforming at just the right time and season of my life. Thank you for investing into my healing and growth. Thank you for encouraging me in practical ways of “how to” pursue and embrace my life and goals.

Also, I really appreciate you transporting me from and to the airport and working out accommodations while I was there. That was very helpful! I know that you made a sacrifice with your boys to help me in this season.

Thank you so very much! Blessings to you and your sons!


January 4, 2008

Comments pour in from women hurt in deceitful relationships…

by Rod Smith

….. please continue to provide each other with helpful and supportive comments. New visitors are encouraged to search this site for related articles on affairs, abusive systems, and difficult relationships.

I respond (via the web) to as many readers as possible but I need your help (through your comments) to reach more and more hurting women with a message of hope and triumph.

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January 4, 2008

For “new” teenagers….

by Rod Smith

The advocates for understanding and listening to young people are many. This is usually a good thing – but alas – it appears to have become somewhat of a preoccupation of areas of mental health. Far less is promoted regarding the reverse: the importance of young people listening to, and understanding adults, parents in particular.

In my opinion there’s a lot more to be gained when young people work at understanding and listening to adults, than is to be gained from the seemingly excessive focus on the reverse.

Of course, it is really helpful when both constituencies work at understanding each other.

Listening to, and understanding adults, will usually have a lot more to offer young people than young people have to offer through being understood or heard.

While you, a young teenager, may not have spent enormous amounts of time trying to understand your parents, some effort expended in this direction will pay you rich dividends. Your parents? lives did not begin with your birth. Yours did. Take time to discover what and who they were before you were born. This will do wonders for all.