First year of fourth marriage has been “down”…

by Rod Smith

“I have been married a year and it has been so down. My husband prefers drinking with his loser buddies than being around any positive people. I hardly see him. I feel like we are in a very early stage of a relationship. I have been married four times, and I think I am crazy! First, I was a teenage bride and my husband abused me, then the next had an affair. My new husband spends his days drinking after work and I get left out. He wants a mother. I am very intelligent except when it comes to love. I forgive and then I get shafted. I need some friends.” (Letter edited)

Intelligent is, as intelligent does. I’d suggest you get some individual, personalized, help about how to find out who you are and what you want. Clearly you are searching for something and are possibly looking for it in a few unwise places. While it is easy to place blame on all the “loser” men in your life, you are the one, common, factor.

3 Comments to “First year of fourth marriage has been “down”…”

  1. Everyone have the the freedom to express themselves and spice up their life… kill the pain of life: lonely, unhappy, depressed . . .

    Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!!!

  2. You are obviously attracting these relationships into your life for a reason. Relationships are here to teach us life’s greatest lessons. They push our buttons. They help us grow. Perhaps its time to look inward.
    Stop giving away your power! Own it.
    You have been attracting men into your life looking for love and yet it eludes you. Are you not worth more? Do you have such low self esteem that you cannot raise your standards and feel worthy of a healthy relationship? Look into your past, your parents, and perhaps close relative’s relationships. Are you exemplifying what they have in their life? Is that what you feel love is all about?
    Things to think about and as the previous comments mentioned, find a good therapist and open up to finding the true answers.
    All the best.

  3. Listen. I am not here to (gripe) at you like the above. I know what you are going through. This is my third marriage and I can sense it going down the tubes as I speak. What do you have to do to please? I am just going to be alone when this one blows up. He is acting like I am a pig since I went back to work (he made me quit for 6 months because of jealousy), Whats wrong with being alone and taking care of your self and using men for sex? They brought it on themselves…I have spent 21 years trying to please my husband. It never works, nothing you do is right and all you end up with is guilt over something you could have done or might have done differently. It’s hell on earth. I have no idea of how to make myself happy but I need to try. Sorry if this makes no sense. There I go apologizing again. But really I hope this helps. K

    (Comment edited, by Rod Smith, of poor language choices)

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