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December 23, 2007

Break a family tradition…..?

by Rod Smith

“For thirteen years my family has met at my brother’s house for Christmas. I want to have my family at my house but my brother says it is a tradition and he will not hear of it. Now I have to choose to invite my in-laws (the other side of the family) to my house at the cost of not going to my brother’s house. It would be helpful if my brother were a little more flexible. Please help.”

As an adult with your own immediate family I hereby grant you permission to have Christmas wherever you choose. The contest of wills with your brother will not be resolved before December 25th, 2007 since its origins are deeply embedded in your childhoods.

Sometimes growing up and having your own family involves a degree of “moving on” and I’d suggest you break this 13-year tradition and begin a few of your own.