Am I being “played”…?

by Rod Smith

“I have known a woman for 4 years. We have lived together but broke up and got back together twice in the last year.  She is deciding whether to be with me or another guy. I find this stressful and have asked her to make up her mind.  She says I am not as warm as he is, and (she) wants to see my warmth despite the situation. I told her I would not have proposed to her and asked her father if I did not mean to make a life with her. I also told her she is not loving and must give that which she desires. Am I being played?” (Edited)

You have suggested this woman give to you that which she desires from you. Good suggestion. You do the same and things might improve between you. I cannot determine if you are being “played” or not.

What I can discern is a lack of shared warmth, compassion, and understanding – which is apparently so from both sides

3 Comments to “Am I being “played”…?”

  1. The hardest thing to do is to leave. Especially when ti comes to love. Yet in my opinion, shame on you for allowing her to chose between two of you. What flavor should I try today? What happens when someone else comes along after she chooses you and decides she wants to see if she likes him better?
    Be firm and stand up for yourself, you are worth more than that. End it and find someone who can commit.
    Again, my opinion.

  2. Face it, she’s just not that into you. Move on.

  3. Sounds like theres more it……………..your relationship was continous for 4 years something upset this therefore it has been on and off – sounds like you lost your love to another and both are grappling to hold on. It takes one to reach a heightened sense of forgiveness and love to be able to keep hold of a failing relationship.

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