My sister won the lottery and does not seem to want to share her winnings…

by Rod Smith

“I am part of a large family of siblings ranging in age from 55 to 38. Recently one sister won the lottery, and she says that lottery counselors told her she should not give anything to her family. She has come under fire by some of her siblings about her apparent lack of generosity regarding our Mother. Please explain why psychologists recommend that family should not be given money, why siblings feel they should get a small percentage. Perhaps she should have given $10 000 to each of us.”

Your sister’s newfound wealth is her wealth – she can do with it as she wishes. Generous people are generous whether they are poor or rich. Leave your sister to decide what to do with her money – it will most certainly reveal what she is made of, and your family’s response to her newfound wealth will expose each person’s strengths and weaknesses.

One Comment to “My sister won the lottery and does not seem to want to share her winnings…”

  1. There is a huge tax on any money given to anyone. Also, it is her money. If she chooses to be generous with it despite the large tax penalty to both the giver and the receiver, it really is her choice. If not, well, that’s her choice too.

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