Son is disrupting new marriage….

by Rod Smith

“My son (13) is giving me problems and causing conflict in my new marriage. He treats my second husband like dirt and back chats us and blames us when he is at fault. He has reassured me that he loves my new husband but can’t help or prevent what he says. My son says that he knows what he says to us is wrong but he can’t stop himself. I don’t think it has anything to do with his father. We’ve been divorced for eleven years. My son doesn’t see, or want to see, his dad at all. His dad doesn’t contact him so it is not that he wants us to get back together. The constant bickering is driving me insane. I don’t know what to do anymore. I?m at a point were I will pack my bags and leave. Both of them know how I feel as I’ve spoken to the separately and together. Please do you have any advice for me? I’m desperate.” (Letter edited)

Rod replies: Your son’s behavior deserves professional attention. Please seek face-to-face help for the whole family so each of you might have the opportunity to speak your mind in the presence of a trained professional.

One Comment to “Son is disrupting new marriage….”

  1. Having been a kid from such a situation I can relate. Even though the father hasn’t been in the picture for some time. The boy still feels a connection to him. He will always come first way in the back of his mind, even though the boy wont understand why. The “new guy” feels like an impostor and why should he have to listen to anything he has to say. This will wear off in time and with maturity on the part of the boy.

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