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June 30, 2007

Anxiety is everywhere – rich or poor….

by Rod Smith

As I write I’m between Taiwan and (South) Korea. By the end the week I will have interacted with many audiences in both countries. After running seminars in about 30 countries for 20 years, I am made painfully aware, once again, that:

1. Crippling anxiety lurks in every culture. There are people from all walks of life, everywhere, who are crippled with anxiety over very similar issues (children, the future, looming poverty, fidelity of a spouse, and so forth) despite language, culture, religion, and economic differences. Anxiety’s a killer, no matter who or where you are.
2. If a person does not, or will not, see whatever it is that is making his or her relationships unstable, there is not much likelihood change will occur. Denial is “helpful” everywhere.
3. A person who does not make others aware of what he or she wants, likes or dislikes, will quickly be submerged by the ‘loving’ agenda of another. People play ‘space-invaders’ in the name of ‘love’ everywhere.
4. Blame, shame, and guilt serve no enduring, useful purpose, no matter how effectively imposed. I am truly alarmed at how widely so-called leaders are “baptized” in their belief that applying blame, shame and guilt will offer hurting people lasting change.