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June 11, 2007

Travel Schedule

by Rod Smith

My children and I are off this morining to the South Pacific and Asia – where I am engaged in several speaking assignments.

Please be patient. It might be a day or two before I can post again.

Editors: I have already sent the whole week of columns off to your copy editors.

It is my policy NOT to place the column on the web until it has appeared in “hard copy” on newsstands.

Rod Smith

June 11, 2007

My girlfriend lied for sympathy…..

by Rod Smith

“My girlfriend lied about having leukemia to get sympathy and to make me feel like I was important to her. Not only was that odd, but she used to spend time with an unsavory character who was always with women. She claimed he was her best friend and that she understood him differently than anyone else. I know they were also sexually active on the side. Talk about hurt from my first girlfriend and the girl who was my first intimate experience. Suicide definitely crossed my mind when I found all this out.” (Edited for general audience)

Rod’s Reply: Suicide would have served no good purpose. Perhaps you will exercise some caution the next time you fall in love. It seems your former girlfriend is a troubled woman and your escape from her influence can only be good for both of you.