My wife does not want my family to visit us….

by Rod Smith

“I am an only son with a good network of uncles and aunts. After my marriage my wife has become quite disillusioned with all my relatives. There were instances where she was not treated the way she expected to be treated when we visited them. Now they want to visit us at our home and my wife is creating havoc and does not want to have them visit. I have told her that it is just a question of 2 or 3 weeks and that we will treat them as guests and move on. She fails to understand this and is forcing me to tell them not to come! What do I do?”

Cutting off from either of your extended families will be of little or no benefit to your new marriage. I’d suggest you encourage your wife to talk to your (now also her) relatives about what it is that has upset her and to face her issues with the (her) family herself. Now that you are married it is not “your family” or “her family” but the families you both share. Refuse to play “piggy in the middle.” Get out of her way, let her handle her family issues herself.

One Comment to “My wife does not want my family to visit us….”

  1. Rod is right on the money! This is the time to clear the air and set the stage, family is family and sometimes we have to be the bigger person.

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