This is wasted effort…

by Rod Smith

“I really admired a man I worked with and we became friends. We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses. We’d call each other and send messages. We became very good friends. I was going to Johannesburg to visit friends so I got him a gift to express my gratitude. I told him that I had a gift for him. He insisted we meet for lunch that weekend so I tried to accommodate him. When in Johannesburg I called him to let him know I had arrived. He sounded excited but told me he had to go Mpumalanga. When I called I felt like he was avoiding me. So later that day I tried calling him his phone was on voice mail for the rest of the weekend. I was so upset because he suggested that we meet and have lunch. Ever since then he has been different. He avoids my calls, he doesn’t even reply to my messages. It is hurtful because I trusted him and he was a really good friend. I have even suggested we go for weekend just us two he doesn’t respond. What would you suggest I do?” (Letter shortened)

Rod’s reply: You are working too hard. I’d suggest the man is not worth your efforts and is probably hiding something significant from you.

One Comment to “This is wasted effort…”

  1. Rod is correct. This is a major red flag, time to leave this one alone.

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