How to love and respect your husband:

by Rod Smith

Call me...

Call me...

1. Set career, academic, and health goals for yourself, and then work hard to achieve them.
2. Develop a network of diverse and supportive friends.
3. Challenge your husband to be a mutual, respectful, and equal partner in every aspect of your relationship.
4. Resist any forms of intimacy you do not find pleasing or comfortable.
5. Believe in your husband’s honesty and integrity by refusing to lie or cover for him no matter how seemingly justifiable the lie or a cover-up might be.
6. Don’t work harder at his family relationships (on his behalf) than he, himself does.
7. Talk to him about what you see, think, and feel regarding matters that are important to you, and offer him the opportunity to do the same with you in return.
8. Resist making him appear to be a better father than he really is. If you help him save face with the children he might never need to step up to the plate and be all the dad he could be.
9. Be interdependent by finding fulfillment both within your marriage and as an individual. Enjoy being both a mother and wife without losing your capacity to enjoy life outside of each of these wonderful roles.
10. Maintain your voice under all circumstances while realizing that not everything you think or see or feel needs to be expressed.

8 Comments to “How to love and respect your husband:”

  1. Your words ring so true. They were EXACTLY what I needed to read on this day, especially.

    I enjoyed the post.

  2. How to love and respect makes me think of “Love your neighbor (spouse, friend, etc.) as yourself.”

  3. You are a jackass. You know absolutely nothing about marriage. Try reading the book, Love and Respect and you might learn several good pointers.

  4. Hello Matt:

    Thanks for your encouragement. I will look out for “Love and Respect.”

    Certainly, it appears, to have taught you to be a loving and respectful man.



  6. my question is what is respecting your husband? I haven’t seen a healthy relationship growing up… So what is respecting your husband?

  7. Am just in a relationship which i think is unbreakable,all thesame,love is about finding a person who love and respect you,women a meant to respect their men and men to love and respect their men.when everybody take up his responsibility there will be no any problem in a relationship.

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