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May 29, 2007

Life’s toughest assignments, or challenges, I have observed people face…

by Rod Smith

1. Loving others when you are not loved in return
2. Working in your family’s business
3. Being a preacher or pastor’s son or daughter
4. Marrying someone with children (and doubly so when you have children too)
5. Completing (coming to terms with, finding peace after) a divorce
6. Accepting your children’s step-parent(s)
7. Forgiving unfaithfulness
8. Digging yourself out of debt
9. Surviving as alcoholic or mentally ill parent
10. Facing prolonged or severe illness in yourself or your family
11. Being deceived by someone you love
12. Teaching and training your memory and your imagination to serve you well

13 – 20 are from Nancy Axelrad

13. Laying down your life for others
14. Enduring trials and suffering without faith in Christ
15. Leaving the one you cannot bear to be away from
16. Marrying for the wrong reasons
17. Marrying for the right reasons but life happens
18. You see good marriages flourish while you still wait for Mr./Ms. Right
19. You cannot have the children you want
20. Living in a ghetto of unfulfilled dreams
21. Weight loss (Anthony Lombardo)
(add your own through “comments” and I will be happy to add them to the list)

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