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May 13, 2007

Woman is desperate after affair and fears ending her life…and that of her son…

by Rod Smith

My husband has been having an affair since October 2006. Things have become so difficult that he moved out but eventually came back. He said he came back for our son’s (4) sake. This woman has threatens me but he does nothing about it. He even went as far as telling her that our son is not his and that I am forcing him to have a second child. This is really affecting me to a point that it gets difficult to get out of bed every morning. I do not have a job and basically I am dependent on him. I want to leave him but do not want to take the first step. At the same time I can’t carry on like this. I have even had thoughts of killing myself and my son. We have a gun in the house and at times I just think of ending it all including killing him too. (Letter shortened)

I’d suggest your husband is not worth dying for. Ending your life, and that of a young child, makes no sense at all.

I appeal to readers to send me contact information of organizations (in the greater KwaZulu-Natal area of South Africa) geared to assist persons in such circumstances, that I might forward the information to this desperate wife and mother.