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January 10, 2007

Loving too much – when love is so blind that it can cease to be love…

by Rod Smith

Jack, who has never married, is dating Jill, someone who almost ten years his senior and twice divorced. Jill has three teenage children, who live with their father, but whom she sees often, yet unpredictably. Jack has no children but finds Jill’s children to be intelligent but headstrong. Jill’s in excessive debt. Jack is very solvent. Jill drinks a little too much, which Jack finds disarming. Jill is somewhat hard when she expressing herself, sounding cynical about marriage and love. Jack interprets this as her being neither hard, nor bitter, but hurt and insightful. When Jack’s family point out the very stark contrasts between their lives, and caution him about this relationship, he becomes defensive and claims the cliché “opposites attract.”


Jack and Jill appear blinded by love and deaf to reason. While this relationship may be a relationship made in heaven, their blindness to the stark contrasts between their lives as potential for minefields of problems, makes them each sitting targets for many difficulties. The blindness of their love drains all perspective, and neither is compelled to do what is required to love first him or herself more fully, in order that each can love the other in a manner that serves them both well.