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January 4, 2007

Back from a short break…..

by Rod Smith

Thanks to my patient, and kind readers who have tolerated my posting a little less often over the past few days.

I have not missed a newspaper deadline whlle being on a short vacation — but it was not always possible to post the column to the web – which I usually do only once the column has apppeared in hardcopy on newsstands.

My children and I spent a few wonderful days in Washington, D.C. (And I can always tell when they are pleased I am not speniding as much time writing as is normally required of me).

Thanks for being faithful readers of YOU AND ME.

Rod Smith

January 4, 2007

Keeping childhood … childhood

by Rod Smith

When parents (married or single) are fulfilled, pursuing careers and interests they love, and are offering meaningful service to their community, it makes a remarkable difference to their children. Under these (admittedly) ideal conditions, childhood can be fully childhood. It can be carefree, safe, and free of the anxieties that come rushing into a child (which sometimes never abate) when a parent refuses to meet the adult demands of his or her role.

It is an overburdened child who must do all he or she can to keep mom sober or keep dad at work  — who must do all he or she can to make mom or dad into an adult. It is the anxious child who must take on parental responsibilities, who must function on a parent’s behalf when the parent abdicates the role.

Childhood is appropriately prolonged (as opposed to inappropriately truncated) when mother or father takes adulthood with the dedication adulthood deserves.

When parents take full responsibility for themselves, dedicating themselves to exercising their skills and callings within their greater community, and pursuing and enjoying mutual, respectful, and equal relationships with other adults, childhood, for the children of such adults, can run it full span, and the children can be appropriately oblivious to the pressures of life in the adult world.