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January 27, 2007

Step-mother tired of being treated like “step-monster” —–

by Rod Smith

READER QUESTION: “Thank for the column ‘the seven essentials before marrying someone with children.’ Last February I married a very loving man but it’s been a challenge. We have a 5 month old boy and my husband has two older sons (20 and 17) who were kicked of their mother’s and have lived with their dad for the past two years. The boys think they can run all over me because they have lived at their dad’s house longer than me. I get a lot of sarcasm. I am just sick and tired of being treated like a ‘step monster.’ I am nothing but nice to those boys all the time and I try to show them love and care, but they think daddy is it and step mom and baby brother are just along for the ride. It really makes me mad that they have such bad attitudes toward me. Should I just start acting unloving to them like they are to me or should I keep trying to be nice even though I am getting slapped in the face by them all the time?” (letter shortened)

ROD’S REPLY: I’d suggest you married a loving man who is intimidated by his two older sons. It is time for dad to step up for step mom.