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January 24, 2007

A reader reflects about a nephew estranged from his mother who is now deceased…

by Rod Smith

“My wife’s aunt passed away recently and we attended her funeral. Her passing will leave a void but I write not about her death, but about the stupidity (my view) of the situation. Her son did not see his mother since his wedding over 10 years ago. There was a disagreement at the time of the wedding. On finding out about his mother’s passing, he decided to attend the funeral. He had apparently stormed out of his home and attended.

“I find it sad the dispute has lasted so long and that there can be such hatred towards others that they do not find it in themselves to be cordial and perhaps forgiving. This son visited a corpse. He will never be able to speak to his mother and I guess that he will have to live with that. I do not know if his mother accepted the situation or whether she secretly hoped that he would come around. We will never know.

“This son should have visited his mother. This situation should not have been allowed to happen. In hind-sight, friends and family should have intervened. We know but I think that it needs to be re-iterated that death is final and to this son and his wife, the dispute is now over.” (letter shortened)