How to know love is real love?

by Rod Smith

Love is not possessive. It does not try to keep you from other important relationships. A person who tries to restrict your freedom does not love despite what he or she might say. Sometimes a possessive person will say, “I am just this way because we are not yet committed,” or “because you are so beautiful.” The truth is that possessive people seldom become less so. Their hold will only increase as you permit it.

Love is not jealous. A person who loves you will celebrate your strengths and successes. A person who loves also applauds you when others do. They work to enhance your popularity with others. Sometimes a jealous person will say, “I am jealous of you because I love you,” or “my jealousy shows I care.” Nonsense. People are jealous for many reasons and it is never a sign of love.

Love is not only a feeling. It is measured in financial, spiritual, and sexual fidelity. The loving person does not play games with your feelings, spend your resources, or keep as a secret from you, matters that pertain to your friendship. Love seeks the highest good of all the people in your family. It has no desire to exclude or separate you from you family.

21 Responses to “How to know love is real love?”

  1. Hey, thanks for the nice comments! Interesting read, very good advice for a single college student! I’m from the Oklahoma Area, I hear you guys are getting some pretty bad rain right now. Hope all is well!


  2. good to know these

  3. Move on with your life. A man who can move so quickly to such extremes is not worth your time. love is consistent and kind and patient. You can do better! It was surely not love on his part if it is gone and turned to Hate. Chase no one. It seldom leads to a healthy relationship.


  4. If im 12 and in 6 grade how do I get mark to like me?
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  5. now I don’t know how to explain my love with someone coZ until now I don’t know Is this Love?

  6. i didnot read everything because this is not the thing that i am searhing for.i am searhing for how to find life is stopped at a point calledreal love how to find loveand not any love but the real.i think cuz am fat i am not finding it .actually,this a comment but this is the first time that i want to tell all the people my problem every one in life searh for love but there is some people without feelings and cares only about money i have in my herat and blood it is love real love the love that goes on forever and do not stop till the last second of life i dont think that i am only girl wishing to have love .there are many girls and even guys.when i tell my mother that i wish have the love of titanic she tells inpossible.but between me and my self i have plesure that i will find it how far it is i can get it thats all

  7. love is no more i any way….

  8. let God send you a partner


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