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April 16, 2006

A love story

by Rod Smith

Steve and Ann Reynolds, my neighbors, have been married for 25 years.

Some years ago, Steve and Ann were each aware that Ann deeply wanted to return to university to pursue a Masters Degree. Having four teenagers, careers, and a home, the prospects of one parent assuming a heavy schedule of university classes was not too daunting for Steve or Ann.

Steve told Ann he’d take care of the children’s complicated lives of school, sport and extra-curiccular activities. He agreed to run the home, cook, do the shopping and manage the mass of laundry generated by six people. Steve, apart from working, agreed facilitate all their domestic responsibilities so Ann could focus on her studies – for the next four years!

They did it! With remarkable cooperation from the children, Steve did all he said he’d do (no maid, no yard help) while Ann completed her degree achieving high honors.

It was a pleasure to sit near the family in a packed auditorium and watch a husband, three sons and a daughter, enthusiastically applaud a wife and mother as she walked across the stage at her graduation ceremony. Such enduring cooperation between equal adults, each doing what was best for all concerned, makes a fine demonstration of what being in love is all about.