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April 6, 2006

The Power to Forgive

by Rod Smith

Forgiveness is a wonderful gift. It can most dramatically precipitate
healing among and within people. He who chooses to forgive seldom loses.
He who initiates forgiveness reveals his strength. It is the stronger
person who is first to forgive, and when the exchange is made, both
parties – the forgiver and the forgiven – each benefit from the act.

As quickly as you find it possible, and can muster the strength from
within you: forgive when you have been wronged; when you are
uncomfortable being around a particular person and would rather avoid
them; when you find you have little or nothing positive to say to or
about someone; when you always look for a way to avoid a certain person;
when you find it hard to think positive thoughts about someone.

Forgive when someone’s actions (real or perceived) seem to be buried or
sealed into your consciousness and you can’t seem to free them from the
prison in your head. Forgive when you feel haunted by someone whose acts
against you will not let you go.

Forgiveness links us with the divine, heals fragile families, hurting
communities and restores hope within broken people – and sets the
forgiver free.