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April 7, 2006

The Pledge of a Growing Person

by Rod Smith

I am a person with a history to be respected, a present to enjoy and a future to build. I am fully capable of living my life to the full. I do not need a man or a woman to make me complete, although a respectful, equal and mutual relationship will enlarge both of our lives.

But, I will not be sidetracked by unhealthy relationships again.

Therefore: I will not build friendships, go out with, or become intimate with anyone who does not regard me with utmost respect. I want equality, honesty and trust in my relationships. I am better off single, alone and lonely than I am “sharing” my life with a man or woman who lies to me, cheats on me and disrespects me. I will not engage in sexual behaviour that I do not want or that my partner does not want.

I will move my life in a healthy direction despite the difficult hurdles that are in my path.