As School opens…..

by Rod Smith

The Mercury – with the start of school

The outstanding student:

• Reads, performs, completes assignments, beyond minimal expectations – he or she loves the work into being.

• Shows up and speaks up without being disrespectful – he or she knows that courtesy is possible under all circumstances.

• Knows that listening to those appointed to teach is one of several keys to success – he or she knows it is almost always more important to listen than it is to speak.

• Learns to connect a variety of disciplines and sees the whole – he or she respects the interrelatedness or all things.

• Understands that willing, but not blind, obedience is the beginning of leadership development – he or she knows a person learns to lead by learning to follow.

• Takes responsibility for his or her own progress and operates without blaming anyone for anything – he or she knows that hardships can be the fuel of greatness.

• Understands that there is a price to be paid for excellence – he or she knows that the rejection of peers is sometimes the cost of being outstanding.

• Engages, initiates, and is unafraid to ask thoughtful questions – he or she knows the engaged student brings joy and enthusiasm to the dedicated teacher.

• Knows that teachers are a bonus, not an essential – many educated men and women are self-educated.

• Understands that academic pursuits come first – that all else is secondary.

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