Don’t chase anyone, ever

by Rod Smith

“I’m a single mother of a one month beautiful boy. His father loved me before I was pregnant. He wanted a baby with so much and I did not. I was busy trying to build a life. I fell pregnant and I love my son. His father was unavailable through out the pregnancy. He wanted to give our son his last name but my family refused because we are not married. I want him back. He says begging him is unattractive and that he will come back when he wants to. It’s hard because my son hasn’t had a chance to have a family. He’s walked into an emotionally broken mother.” (Edited)

Chasing is a waste of energy

Don’t chase anyone – ever. The energy required to woo the father back into your life, even if you are successful, will be insignificant next to the energy it will take to keep him.

Your son may well have “walked into an emotionally broken mother” but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Resume your pre-pregnancy quest to build your life.

Living a full, satisfying life yourself will be the greatest act of mothering you will ever offer your son – go for it. Live the kind of life you hope he will live one day and he will have something to emulate.

One Comment to “Don’t chase anyone, ever”

  1. You are so amazing. Not since I read Adler, Dreikurs, and Nelsen have I felt I’m hearing or reading or learning every time I read what you write. I think it or I think I think it and then read what you write and then I wonder, did I think it before or did it just come together right now?
    Can you follow?

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