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April 26, 2011

His parents don’t like our daughter

by Rod Smith

“My daughter (18) is seeing a boy (18) whose parents do not like her. We’ve tried to like him but it is hard knowing that she doesn’t get treated well by his parents. Should we have a meeting with his parents to try and bridge the gap and help things to get a little better? They, as a couple, seem to be getting closer everyday.”

It is a good idea to meet the parents of your daughter’s boyfriend simply because that is a healthy and polite thing to do.

Do not meet them with your agenda of trying and mend whatever you see is broken. Ferrying such an agenda will become readily apparent and your efforts will prove to be counter-productive. His family will end up doing to you what you perceive them doing to your daughter.

Your daughter and her boyfriend are adults – let them face whatever they have to face from each family.

Your daughter will be better off in the long run if she develops her own response to all people, especially to the family members of men she chooses to date.