Great weekends are made of this…..

by Rod Smith

How to have a great weekend in 7 easy steps

Clean up (apologize, clarify, tie lose ends, write thank you cards) before you leave your workplace.

Call ahead before you leave work. Inform your family that you are expecting to play your part in creating a fabulous weekend.

Unplug until Monday. Turn off all technology (cell phones, SMS ability, Internet, computers, television, and electronic games) and encourage all in your household to do the same.

Focus on the people with whom you are face-to-face. Give them your full attention. This means listening (without waiting to speak, looking into each others eyes, not multi-tasking while talking). It means loving the person, the moment, and the immediate conversation.

Avoid negative talk especially about the economy, the political atmosphere, work, your boss, and people with whom you have conflict.

Stay at home – eat at home, invite neighbors to a meal having informed them that you are have a tech-free weekend.

If you are a parent ban all talk, for the entire weekend, about children. If you cannot do this, it is a fine indication that you might be in need of a shift of focus for your own sake and especially for the sake of your children.

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