I constantly struggle with guilt

by Rod Smith

“I’m 18 and my girlfriend is 16. She is very high maintenance. She always finds something to be upset about, and I can do everything to make her happy and she’ll find something that I did wrong. I constantly struggle with guilt and feel like a bad boyfriend. I will say she is very spoiled. She is used to getting her way. Once I refused to let her come over to my house because I needed some time to myself. She went crazy saying that she is always the one consoling and whenever it comes to her problems she never gets to talk about them. She always holds things in and I get yelled at because she didn’t want to talk about something. I’m just wondering if this has a good chance of becoming better. It has only gotten worse after 9 months. Is this all teenage emotions or does something need to be fixed?”

I’d suggest something needs to be addressed. The tough news is that you are probably not going to be the one who helps her fix it. It appears that this relationship is doing neither of you much good. It might be time for you to allow her to secure the kind of help she really needs.

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