Stay or move, this is the question?

by Rod Smith

“My family wants to stay where we have always lived. I want to move for my career. My children (10, 12) have well-established friendships and my wife is a strong member of her church. The last thing I want to do is to uproot the family just for my own sake and I want it to be a family decision. Do we move to Cape Town or not? I am not asking you about the choice, I am asking you about the process of making the decision. The money is not significantly different.”

This is not a “family decision.” It is a mother-father decision. You and your wife get to make it.

Your children will establish added meaningful friendships wherever you live – and keep the friendships they already have.

Given the privilege of choices, I’d suggest you take the one offering most adventure.

Humans were designed for challenge, danger, and pioneering. There’s a lot of “leap before you look” in us all.

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  1. I like this reply.

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