He says I am boring and unattractive…..

by Rod Smith

“My husband hasn’t come right out and said he does not love me but for the last thirty years we rarely talk; we don’t go out, he says I’m boring and unattractive. He stopped having sex with me thirty years ago. He said it was too much work for so little. I feel like I’m a thorn in his side. I’ve been miserable all these years to the point where most of my friends don’t know I’m married. He says he didn’t like marriage so he just ignores it and me. We are like flat-dwellers: I have the upstairs and he has the downstairs. He is not gay or into porn. I have the only computer and the only phone in the house and they go where I go. He doesn’t go any where except the grocery store and doctors. He chooses to not have friends.”

It is easy to assume that is your husband who has the problem.

You have abdicated responsibility for your life to a man who is unwilling to handle it.

Take your future into your own hands. Stop blaming your husband for your failure to show up for yourself.

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