Ubuntu, inspiration, and thanks to the TAX man…..

by Rod Smith

Friday challenge, inspiration, and thanks…..

The word “ubuntu” is bandied about even in the USA. While I have read what Bishop Tutu says about it, and while I am very familiar with the spirit of Ubuntu, I challenge readers to write a 195-word non-fiction event in their lives where they saw ubuntu in action. Please keep to the word limit. Please refrain from using abbreviated or “text” language. I delete almost all mail that is in “text” style. The best “ubuntu” story will win a R200 gift card to Exclusive Books. I am the sole judge! You have a week to submit your story.

My quote of the week comes from Clint Morck of Durban: “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” Thanks, Clint. You inspired and amused me.

If the South African Receiver Services (SARS) is anything like the USA tax services then it is impersonal, rigid, and humorless. This is not my experience. During this past week, a man whom I only know as Akesh demonstrated that there is reasonableness where and when it is least expected. Akesh helped me, via my sister, to do the impossible, and this brief acknowledgment is to thank him indeed. I now have a SARS tax number!

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