A reader writes about how she copes as the wife of an addict…..

by Rod Smith

1. The most important thing for me is to have a few trusted friends to confide in when things are going wrong. These are friends who listen and are supportive. They don’t try to influence my decisions. Good friends offer the right kind of sympathy and are non-judgmental. Platitudes do not help. Having read all the books and sought professional assistance, I realise that every case is different and there is no “one shoe that fits all.”

2. I keep my social life going; getting out and about when possible.

3. I read a good book when I can’t sleep.

4. I write e-mails to my really good friends who have emigrated.

5. I remind myself who I am and that I am in no way responsible for what is happening.

6. I look for opportunities to show my love to my spouse in the belief that love will conquer all.

7. I understanding the disease is largely beyond his control and when he reaches out for help I can be there to give it.

8. I reach out to God in the depths of my despair and feel his comforting arms around me.


One Comment to “A reader writes about how she copes as the wife of an addict…..”

  1. Thank u writer.i have learnt a lot from people around me.especially those called friends n relatives.i totally agree that the good ones that help u live each day are non judgemental,respect u and your decisions,they listen more than issue advises.as a person i have learnt to love myself more,appreciate life and challenges it brings.i would say the decisions we make should be very important as they bring out what we really are as individuals and we take responsibility for the outcome,be it good or bad.Mr writer u will come stronger at the end.

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