I am confused because he continues to see me……

by Rod Smith

“The man I date and I are compatible. Months ago he received a call but would not answer. I found this strange. He became defensive and I have been suspicious since. I did what I should not have done and found numerous messages to and from a girlfriend. He denied seeing anyone. I called the girlfriend who said she was in a relationship with him. He says there is no relationship. She confirmed she wants nothing more to do with him but I have found out that they are still speaking. I am now confused because he continues to see me. I am uncertain about where this is going. I find it strange that she would say she is a relationship with him but he denies it.” (Edited)

Don't police him.....

I find it strange that you are working so hard at this. You’re dating. It is supposed to be fun. Playing phone police is not. Stop monitoring him. He is an adult who can have as many friends as he chooses – unless you both decide otherwise.

The confusing thing is not that he continues to see you, but that you, given your mistrust, continue to see him. Find a man who desires monitoring. They exist, and, the bonus is, they perceive controlling behavior to be evidence of real love.

One Comment to “I am confused because he continues to see me……”

  1. Never ever look into his phone. If he is lying about his love to you then he is lying to himself also. Well, he is a fool because he is wasting his time intentionally. Do you love him? Is he making you happy? There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Stress can kill you. Good luck.

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