I am one of the jealous men you often refer to…

by Rod Smith

“I am one of the ‘jealous men’ you often refer to and I think you are very unfair. I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost a year, and it’s the only thing that causes problems for us in an otherwise perfect relationship. Jealousy isn’t as simple as you make out. I love my girlfriend with all my heart, but this ‘monster’ inside me is impossible to control. I’ve tried to come up with the root of the problem many times, and I think it’s probably to do with past relationship experiences and very high levels of testosterone. So you can make jealous guys out to be men who have no consideration for our partners but that isn’t true. I love my girlfriend so much and would do anything to change. It’s something uncontrollable that I’m desperate to cure it. The prospect of having to live with these constant feelings, pushing away those that I love, is truly terrifying.” (Edited)

I know jealousy can be uncomfortable for both the perpetrator and the victim. Thankfully many men and women truimph over jealousy through guidance, grit, and the painful process of letting go. Healing is close to you when you see it as your issue, but healing will evade you whenever you place blame upon anyone for your issue.

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