Colts lost, Saints win – what do you do with defeat?

by Rod Smith

In the light of the up-and-coming Soccer World Cup in South Africa (where this column published daily in hard-copy) and, in the wake of the Indianapolis Colt’s sad loss in the Super Bowl (I live in Indianapolis), I thought I’d throw this together for athletes, both amateur and professional.

Handling defeat.....

Handling defeat in sports for athletes and fans…

1. Look your opponents in the eyes and acknowledge their momentary superiority.
2. Pick up, as soon as possible, where you were in the moments before your loss.
3. Nurse your wounds but do not allow them to cripple you.
4. Speak well of the opponents, referees, the opposition fans, the conditions, the shape of the contest or game – anything else makes you sound like a bitter, poor loser.
5. Avoid “if we,” “when we,” “you should have” kind of talk – nothing can turn back the clock.
6. Constant replays of your errors will poison your preparation for the future – focus on what you or the team did well.
7. Live, and talk, as if your immediate loss is preparation for future victory.
8. Get up, look up, and get going. Loss of one event or season does not have to translate into further failure.
9. Embrace the world beyond your sports, victories and losses – there is more to life than winning and losing.

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