Ten quick-checks: Is it a healthy romance?

by Rod Smith

Take UP you life....

Take UP you life....

1. You don’t obsess about each other (whereabouts, activities) when you are not together.
2. You don’t have to check in with each other several times a day.
3. You feel freer, more empowered than ever, because you are in this relationship.
4. You stay out of things that have nothing to do with you, like past relationships, choices of clothing; who he or she meets for business purposes; relationships with siblings and parents.
5. You offer your innermost self (through regular conversations) in a manner that is less and less guarded as time passes and as trust increases.
6. You are inspired to pursue previously held dreams and ambitions, which perhaps have taken a backseat in your life for a period of time.
7. You have a renewed sense of childlikeness and adventure and are eager to explore individual interests outside of your career.
8. You choose to become financially, sexually, and emotionally accountable as you desire to build something permanent and lasting with your new-found love.
9. You keep thorough and complete confidentiality with personal matters that pertain to the two of you.
10. You are bolder and more courageous in this person’s presence and he or she affirms your boldness every step of the way.

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