My girlfriend wants to dress me…..

by Rod Smith

“What if your girlfriend insists that you wear certain styles of clothing because you are ‘showing her up’? Why does my girlfriend insist that I’m always turned out and color coordinated? If people are going to look down on me because I don’t always wear smart outfits then they are not the sorts of people I wish to impress. My girlfriend says that she loves me no matter what but still gets concerned about how I’ll make her look in front of others. How can I broach this tactfully?”

Tact won't do it....

Tact won't do it....

Tact is not going to do it. You are going to have to loudly declare that your girlfriend is relieved of all further responsibilities regarding your attire. If you allow her to dress you (so she will look good) the day will come when she will decide what you will and will not say (so she will look clever!). Then she will decide with whom may or may not talk (so she will not feel left out).

If she loves you “no matter what” she’ll respect that you are a separate being. While she thinks your clothes are a reflection on her she is apparently devoid of the healthy boundaries necessary to sustain a healthy long-term relationship.

2 Comments to “My girlfriend wants to dress me…..”

  1. I think there’s an easier way out… How about you both settle on a compromise: split the job. You wear whatever you want, but allow her to dress you up on some occasions. It’s understandable that she wants people to think highly of both of you, but she probably is getting carried away with that. Wouldn’t you ask her not to wear certain things if you were introducing her to your family or going to some important occasion together? All I’m saying is, compromise on this. Allow her taste to guide you on some days, but stick with your own style on other days. It wont hurt any of you, and will actually benefit your relationship in the long run (diplomacy is not exclusively for international issues).

  2. Wonderful YKVR — thanks for your contribution.

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