She stays with her ex to care for her horses…..

by Rod Smith

“Every weekend my partner stays with her ex husband because that is where her horses are and it is also nearer where she works on Fridays and Mondays. I have had nearly enough. She says she loves me but we never have weekends together. I think the universe is saying something loudly to me but whenever I try to talk about this I get tears and anger and ‘we will talk next week’ and ‘I love you but I am busy and I am tired and I am looking after the horses.’ I don’t know what to do anymore. Please help.” (Edited)

Go with her....

Go with her....

Join her. Go to her. I am sure you can offer her help in caring for the horses. An ex-husband who is sufficiently hospitable to house your partner’s horses will surely also welcome you. This will give you time to be together as a couple, the horses will get more attention, and your partner will presumably get more rest given your assistance.

“Pushing the system” in such a manner will expose, not what the Universe is saying to you, but what kind of a relationship you have with your partner and what kind of relationship she has with her ex-husband.

2 Comments to “She stays with her ex to care for her horses…..”

  1. Hi , thanks for your reply: Well that is the point ..whenever I have said I`ll come over and help with the horses its a big no..its his house..his property etc (and this is the guy she told me was making her life impossible when I met her) not even to be in the field and just go home …she is sleeping in his house at the weekends too…and works with him on Mondays and Fridays…he has already admitted he wants her back…

  2. …. what more do you need to know? Will you listen even to the Universe if it yells at you? Love makes you blind and it makes you deaf — denial is quite effective in that regard too.

    Move on…. this is not about caring for horses.


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