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July 22, 2008

Family members speak…

by Rod Smith

Six voices from six different families…

“My wife is my closest friend. She knows me better than anyone has ever known me. She doesn’t reject me even when she finds out things about me I thought I could hide.”

“I like it when my wife is playful. Childlike. Funny. I like it when things are not always serious and when not everything is about money or the children.”

“My dad is like a big kid. He likes to set up booby traps for my mom and splash her with water and when we all join in we make a mess and it’s lots of fun.”

“My mother likes me. It’s like we are friends as well as being mom and daughter.”

“My husband is like a rock. You can trust everything he says. I have never known him to tell even the smallest lie to me except when it comes to birthdays and surprises!”

“My husband took on my three children and me, and you’d think it was never any different for us all. It’s been tough sometimes but never because of him. The tough times were always because I wasn’t used to trusting anyone.”