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July 12, 2008

B is for BOUNDARY, and C is for CHALLENGE…..

by Rod Smith

Weeks ago I began a series of columns entitled “A is for Autonomy.” Here is more in my series of “ABCs for Growing Adults”:

B is for Boundary: an invisible line that separates you, making you distinct from others. When blurred, it will be hard for you to tell the difference between your thoughts and feelings, and the thoughts and feelings of others. Good boundaries are part of your emotional life’s healthy immune system. They keep the undesirable out and allow the desirable in. Boundaries change with different people. You will have very different set of boundaries with a lover, best friend, or parent, than you will with casual acquaintances. Your boundaries are always your responsibility except in cases of unusual illness or frailty.

C is for Challenge
: an impetus for change or growth. You might feel a stirring from within, read something, overhear a conversation, glimpse what a friend has achieved, and, as a result, desire to make changes in your life. A challenge can be private or shared. It might take minutes to complete, like learning a new skill on your computer, or it could take years of constant effort. Most people enjoy a realistic challenge: it can bring greater health and enthusiasm and restore vision to do greater things.