I want to see my son more…..

by Rod Smith

“My son, because of his wife and her wishes, is closer to his in-laws than he is to me. This is very painful for me and I find myself being jealous when I hear how much time he spends with her family. I am 72 and feel like I am too old for this kind of petty jealousy. I think I have been a good mother and I really do not want to see him or his family too much. I would just like to be more included in his life. Please help.” (Edited)

Your jealous stirrings, and your discomfort with them, are completely understandable. I hope your son and his wife will read your poignant plea, and respond appropriately. If you have not told your son and daughter-in-law of your wants as clearly as you have communicated them to me, I’d suggest you do so as soon as possible.

One Comment to “I want to see my son more…..”

  1. Communicating our expectations is very important. Even though it may seem obvious to you, it is very important to help your son and his family understand your needs.

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