There's a lonely (married) man where I work….

by Rod Smith

“There’s a lonely man where I work. I know he’s unhappily married. I can see it in his eyes. You are going to say I should stay away from him because I have read you for years. What if I just want to have fun? The best sex I have ever had has been with married men. What’s to stop me? I know what I want and I know how to get it.” (Paraphrased)

Deciding the man is lonely from what you see in his eyes is absurd. I’d suggest you are reading your own loneliness in his eyes. The “best sex” to which you refer has clearly been short-lived and probably been of great cost to the men and their families.

Grow up. Leave married men alone. You might even find yourself in your own long-term, committed, authentic relationship if you decide to let alone men who already are!

6 Comments to “There's a lonely (married) man where I work….”

  1. you need to stop looking at married men they dont belong to you they belong to somone else.

    get your own man then you will see that its not easy, and wait for that day when somone else will do that to you. that you will know what womwn go through because of peoplo like you who cant get they own men.

  2. I say go for it. All these women on here probably are just as lazy as the one he has at home. You never know, “YOU” might be the one to save him from his miserable situation. I am a man who is going through the same thing and all I hear is, “You should do this and do that ” but I never hear “she should appreciate you more” or “you know, your always getting the short end of the stick when it comes to her, you can do better”. Anyway, go for it sweetie but just don’t let it be about sex. Make sure you both understand what each other wants. To the women that feel otherwise, “YOU” are why “US” men look elsewhere. You expect us to sit around and be treated poorly while everybody feels sorry for you, well basically, you all can go to hell. (I, Rod, edited offensive language out of this comment).

  3. I understand where you are coming from.But you need to understand that this man is married.Maybe you could possibly fall in love with him,why would you want to strip away all the beauty that comes with a new relationship and involve yourself in a mess.He is married and until he does something about it, you should really leave it alone.Part of this feeling for him, is your lonliness and boredom.If you seem to feel that you can’t leave this alone maybe you should confess your feelings to his wife, if you can’t bring yourself to tell her than why would act on it.

  4. i don’t care what anyone says..if your extremely happy in your marriage nothing can interfere or hurt it…and no man or woman would even think about cheating…

  5. Boy, listen to these generalizations! Not every married man’s situation is the same. I have a friend who is a married man who happens to be so unhappy it just makes my heart break!!! He has been nothing but the sweetest guy for me. Whether or not we end up together isn’t the end goal, it’s ALL about being happy and sharing that with each other. IS true, an extremely happy marriage won’t leave a spouse ripe for an affair. But to tell someone they have to stay miserable while in one and have no way to share happiness with another human being is absurd.

    • Don’t think your doing him a favor by starting an affair. If he’s truly unhappy in his marriage, advise him to end it (for himself, not just to be with you). If he’s not willing to do that, then he needs to be trying to fix his relationship with his wife. Making it more complicated when there are already troubles is a recipe for serious hurt.

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